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Amazon's Great Indian Festival 2020: All the details and best deals

Versus rounds up all the essential info and hottest deals for this year's Amazon Great Indian Festival

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Day 2020: October 13th-14th & the hottest deals this year

Amazon Prime members are about to enjoy two full days of hot deals. Here’s what to know about Amazon Prime Day 2020, including how to shop like a pro.


Intel CPU comparison: Is an i9 processor better than the rest?

What's the difference between an i9 processor and the rest, and which is best for you?

Wireless Charging

How does wireless charging work and what are the best wireless chargers of 2020?

Wireless charging is becoming the new standard. But how does wireless charging work and which wireless chargers are compatible with your phone?


What is a subwoofer? What to know about this bass-boosting speaker

How do subwoofers work and what’s the best subwoofer? Here’s what you need to know.


Cell phone history: From the first phone to today's smartphone wonders

Join us as we take a journey through cell phone history and learn all about the evolution of the mobile phone!

Editor's Choice

The 5 best earbuds in 2020

It's about time we say goodbye to cords: these are the top-performing true wireless earbuds on the market


Android vs. iOS: digital health features in comparison

Google's Digital Wellbeing and Apple's Screen Time are the two most popular digital health solutions – but which one helps users the most?

Apps & Software

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom

How each tool can facilitate your team's remote work during the pandemic and beyond

Editor's choice

Gadgets to improve your remote work during COVID-19

From headsets to webcams, we've picked the best tech products to make remote work easier during (and after) the pandemic.

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